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Camping Maison de la Mémoire Cuisellienne

This ecomuseum covers the entire history of the people of the Bresse Bourguignonne region. From vines to factories, come and find out all about the lives of the farmers from this region.

Come and see this old building in the grounds of the Château des Princes d’Orange, where daily life for generations of winemakers, as well as winemaking techniques and the production of goutte (free-run wine)are all on display. These premises bear witness to the lives and history which formed a part of this region for so long, but which have now disappeared. The inhabitants of the pretty little mediaeval village of Cuiseaux were indeed farmers, winemakers and workers all at  once. Once upon a time, in fact, the village was surrounded by vines!


These exhibitions of tools, plus films and re-enactments, mean you'll be able to follow the lives of men who used to work in the vineyards before turning towards the local meat-curing factory. 


Maison de la mémoire Cuisellienne

Cour du Château des Princes d’Orange

71480 Cuiseaux

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