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Camping Cluny Abbey

A part of the history of the Middle Ages was born here, at Cluny Abbey. Come and discover this legendary location, once the largest church ever seen!

This huge abbey, only a small part of which still exists today, gives one an idea of its importance. Come and explore its towers and bell towers, in Gothic style, so characteristic of this era. And why not make the most of your visit by stopping off at the museum of art and archaeology, where you'll discover all sorts of remains from the church and the village?


Tours of the abbey and the mediaeval village beside it, including a talk, take place on a regular basis. This means you'll be able to find out about this monument of mediaeval art from a whole new perspective, whilst immersing yourself in the feeling and atmosphere of the location itself. A 3D film will enable you to really experience the era and find out what the church looked like when it was still intact. 




Rue, du 11 Août 1944

71 250 Cluny

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