The Brittany Riviera, in southern Finistère

Do you know the Brittany Riviera? Behind the name you'll find the loveliest gems of the Finistère coast.

Closeup on the Brittany Riviera


The Brittany Riviera. A name that clearly echoes the coastline of south-eastern France. Here, however, it involves a group of various villages and seaside resorts in southern Finistère, namely:


  • Bénodet
  • La Forêt-Fouesnant-Port-la-Forêt
  • Fouesnant-Les Glénan
  • Clohars-Fouesnant
  • Gouesnac’h
  • and Saint-Évarzec


And when the coast decided to call itself thus, it was because this area of Brittany features very blue water and characteristic villages. With beaches made up of warm, fine sand, the turquoise Atlantic, the beauty of the Glénan Islands and the lovely hiking trails, the varied scenery is the perfect setting for the many tourists who come on a campsite holiday here.

It's real picture postcard stuff that's a must as a dream destination for switching off and recharging those batteries! Take a stroll around the little yachting harbours, and through the alleyways and streets of the towns and villages. Then get together with your nearest & dearest over a nice meal featuring local dishes.

It's also just the place for families. With watersports that people of all ages can enjoy, as well as bike rides, everyone will be in seventh heaven! And then there's the fact that you'll be spending your holiday in a Yelloh! Village campsite in Brittany, with rental options with all the mod cons and novel forms of entertainment. You'll experience a truly unforgettable time, full of great holiday memories!

All in all, the Brittany Riviera has no reason to be jealous of its South Atlantic and Mediterranean cousins! The breathtaking scenery is everywhere, and so are the activities. The culture of Brittany is also prominent, with summer festivals and all sorts of places of interest that are testament to Brittany's rich history.


On the menu

So what is there to do on the Brittany Riviera? That's an excellent question to which there are many answers! Of course the seaside is the main attraction of this destination.

With the old harbours of Bénodet and La Forêt-Fouesnant, strolls along the wooden boardwalk at Bénodet, plus inlets and coves all over the place, there are options everywhere when it comes to being at the seaside, on the beach or in the middle of nowhere.

But if you're really looking to take in the views, it's not the seaside you should head for, but the open sea! The Glénan archipelago awaits you 10 miles offshore, right in the Bay of Biscay. You'll discover a paradise that feels like the other side of the world, where the crystal-clear water is perfect for bathing and watersports.

And once back on terra firma, the towns and villages of the Brittany Riviera are also worth investigating. Wander through the cobbled streets between the traditional buildings. There are all sorts of churches and chapels too, including the lovely Romanesque church of Saint-Pierre in Fouesnant. And finally, you'll also find all sorts of craft stalls, where craftsmen give expression to their passion and knowledge in the one-off items they make, which you can take home as souvenirs.

Are you someone who likes being on the go or enjoying outings? Whether on foot or by bike, you'll be seeing some truly incredible natural locations on marked trails. With the marshes of Mousterlin, Beg-Meil, Anse Saint-Laurent, Cap-Coz and the forest of Penfoulic etc., you're sure to be awestruck, just a few kilometres from our Finistère campsites.

One thing is for certain, and that is that the Brittany Riviera is well worth a visit. Southern Finistère is a place that takes visitors nicely by surprise! With culture, nature and above all the essence of Brittany, the coastline really does have everything expected of a riviera!

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