Camping Baie de Somme

Live to the rhythm of the tides when you take your camping holiday in the Baie de Somme. Discover the breathtaking landscapes between the land and the sea. Sand dunes, pine forests, fine sandy beaches or pebble beaches, cliffs – all of this in the Baie de Somme.

Camping holidays Baie de Somme
Do you love nature? If you long to take great deep breaths of fresh air, the Baie de Somme with its exceptional landscapes will delight you. The 70 km² Baie de Somme is simply magical. With the stunning white chalk Ault cliffs, the long sandy beaches and stretches of pebbles, the seal colony that set up home here years ago, the migrating birds that stop over on the Picardy coast, you will understand why it is listed in among the 30 most beautiful bays of the world and listed ‘Grand Site de France’ in 2011.
But that’s not all because you will also discover the rustic breed of Henson horses with their lovely dun-coloured coats, bred specially for riding outdoors. You will be able to admire the salt-meadow sheep that feed on the salty, iodised flora that grow the meadows of the Baie de Somme.
A camping holiday in the Baie de Somme is the ideal destination for nature lovers.
And if you love going on long walks you’ll have some great challenges because before you can take in the stunning views of the Baie de Somme, you will have to put in some well-deserved effort. You can discover this exceptional site with or without a guide.


Camping Baie de Somme
And if you need proof of the dazzling splendour of the Baie de Somme just look at the painters and writers who found inspiration in its wild beauty and changing colours: Delacroix, Degas, Corot, Colette, Jules Verne, Victor Hugo, etc.
You will also be able to sample some wonderful Picardy specialities during your stay: salt-meadow lamb, Bouchot mussels, samphire, ‘gâteau battu’, etc.

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