When camping rhymes with serenity

Camping is so much more than just a way to take a holiday, it’s a complete mindset. And it’s no secret that if you want your stay to be the serene and cheerful break you deserve, it needs a minimum of organisation. How? Like this:

By picking the right one...

The right what? The right campsite, of course! The success of your holiday depends on putting some careful thought into where you’re going to be staying. And campsite size (small, medium, large, family or fun) and geographical location (sea, lake, mountain, etc) are the first criteria to take into account. The animations and the facilities it has to offer are also important considerations, particularly if you’ll be holidaying with children. An aquatic park, a trampoline or a large playground will really brighten up their holiday... and guarantee you the tranquillity you’re dreaming of!

To help you make up your mind, each camping village has a set of criteria and an atmosphere indicator. This makes it easier for you to picture yourself at the site and get a better feel for the identity of each camping village. In high season or low.

By making the right choices…

On-site, a serene stay often rhymes with a few shrewd decisions... And the first of these is the location. Looking for peace and quiet? The Premium Resort areas will be just perfect. Set in safe car-free areas, they guarantee absolute tranquillity...

You prefer being in the heart of the action and look forward to swimming a few lengths each morning? Choose a spot closer to the swimming pool. If you want to avoid the pool when there are too many people about, then aim for the quiet times. In the middle of the day, most swimmers head back to their pitch for lunch, and you’ll have the pool all to yourself! Sleeping under canvas with the kids? Don’t set up your tent too far away from the sanitary facilities and avoid going for your shower at peak times (rush-hour is usually between 6pm and 8pm). 

bien etre Le Serignan Plage
aire aquatique

By being well-equipped...

If you’re well kitted-out with all you need, you have every chance of enjoying a great stay. Cool box, bin bags, zip-seal freezer bags, sponges and washing-up liquid should all be on your list of essentials, whether you’re staying in a tent or a rental unit.

And think about bringing a parasol and light jacket with you (the evenings can sometimes feel chilly). Finally, don’t forget your citronella-scented candles and cloves (read on to the end to find out why…).
You’ve remembered to bring bikes and games? Pétanque, Mölkky (Finnish skittles), water pistols, a pack of cards and a few good books are absolutely essential if you’re travelling with the tribe.
If you’re a bit on the sensitive side, bring ear plugs... In the heart of nature the owls sometimes get noisy at nightfall, and the birds tend to wake up unreasonably early... (On the other hand, humans must maintain silence from 10pm to 8am!)

A few good ideas

  • To keep wasps away, place crushed cloves in a bowl on the table.

  • To keep ants off the table: place each of its leg in a small container filled with water. But empty them after each meal, so the water doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquito larvae...

  • To keep mosquitoes at bay, when night falls, opt for long sleeves and trousers, and light the citronella candles. And don’t forget that whilst they love the smell of perfume and perspiration... the scent of wild mint is said to act as a repellent. Rub your arms and legs with a few leaves and they shouldn’t be a problem!

  • Finally, always set off with an appropriate first aid kit: plasters, antiseptic, eye drops, anti-venom pump, paracetamol and sunscreen.

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