Yelloh! village campsites blend into the surroundings

Yelloh! Village is getting back to basics by completely immersing itself in the surroundings. Our campsites blend harmoniously into the scenery.

The great idea of landscaped campsites

Have you heard about chameleons? This animal is able to camouflage itself and pass unnoticed in any landscape.

Well, at Yelloh! Village, we want to do the same: Ensure that all the accommodation blends perfectly into the landscapes of the most beautiful regions of France, Spain and Portugal.

We are happy to adapt to each environment in order to be in complete harmony with the scenery around the campsite.

les petits camarguais
tobogan camargue

Design that connects people to their environment…

Indeed, the idea of blending the campsites into an authentic and 100% green landscape helps customers recharge their batteries and be at one with nature.

Being in the middle of dense and verdant natural surroundings helps to ensure a change of scenery and encourages people to partake in outdoor activities.

piscine  les petits camarguais
camping les cascades
piscine Etoile des neiges
cabane insolite st emilion

Buildings that blend in with the surroundings

Our campsites' architecture is increasingly moving towards biophilic design. This type of architecture aims to integrate a building without spoiling the environment.

This is done by selecting natural materials or colours that are similar to those in the surroundings. It's up to us to adapt to nature. Not the other way round.

Yelloh! Village does its utmost to create a pleasant environment for customers through a variety of facilities:

  • Chalets and cottages in solid wood, to recall the beautiful colours of the mountains and countryside,
  • Sea and ocean front pitches surrounded by natural screens,
  • Natural paths in wood or sand depending on the region... 

cabane insolite le bout du monde
emplacement domaine provencal
chemin club faret

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