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Never forget your faithful friend!

Your four-legged companion also deserves a break from the everyday. But before you take your dog camping with you, there are a few things you need to check. Follow the guide to ensure holiday serenity for everyone.

A friendly tip: before booking, check your campsite accepts pets. Once you’ve arrived on-site it’s too late to send Fido off to sleep elsewhere :). You shouldn’t have any trouble in finding plenty of “pet-friendly” Yelloh! Village campsites.

  • Prepare their suitcase, with their basket, blanket and favourite toys. They’ll be reassured to find all their familiar things when you arrive.
  • Don’t forget to take their health record and ID card with you. And prepare a little first-aid kit just for them... you never know.
  • Don’t change your routine: keep to the same times for walks and meals, try to give them the same food as at home…
  • In fact it’s always a good idea to bring at least some dog food with you, to tide them over until you find their favourite brand at the nearby supermarket.
  • Take your dog with you when you head off for a walk or a hike. That way they’ll make the most of being on holiday as well!
  • Watch out for ticks and fleas! Remember to bring a repellent and check their fur regularly.
  • You’ve just come back from the beach? It’s shower-time for everyone! Oh yes, even for the dog. Their skin is sensitive as well.
  • As a responsible pet-owner, don’t forget to always carry something with you to clean up after your dog.
  • A tattoo and microchip are mandatory for any stay, whether in France or elsewhere in Europe. If you’ve moved home recently, check that your address and telephone number are up-to-date. It’s always less of a worry if your four-legged friend decides to leave the campsite without warning...
  • Find out which places accept pets: beaches, parks, lakeside areas, restaurants. Your adorable bundle of fur also has every right to enjoy a wonderful holiday!

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