Glamping in the Centre-Val de Loire region

Come and enjoy a taste of the gentle way of life in France's Centre-Val de Loire during your glamping stay! With its famous Loire Châteaux, prestigious vineyards and protected nature reserves, this will make for the perfect destination!

For recharging those batteries and enjoying some real relaxation, for a weekend in the great outdoors or for a longer stay, choose glamping in the Centre-Val de Loire region!
You'll be able to enjoy a bit of château life here, as the regions of the Loire are famous all over the world for their splendid Renaissance châteaux. So why not make the most of it by putting yourself in the shoes of the kings and queens of that era!

The Centre-Val de Loire region is also famous for its landscapes, with vineyards, canals, forests, marshland and lush valleys. Why not pick up a bike and discover the region's flora and fauna!

You'll also be able to stop off and try some delicious wines from Touraine, Anjou and Nantes, and bring some back to enjoy around a good meal at the campsite.

Accommodation with all sorts of creature comforts, à la carte services, customised entertainment, exceptional environments, aquatic parks for the whole family and plenty more. These are the ingredients of your glamping holiday in the Centre-Val de Loire region! Everything you need for enjoying a truly unforgettable stay with all of your nearest-and-dearest! 

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