Eiffage Millau Viaduct race

Calling all sports enthusiasts out there! It’s time to head on over here, we’ve got a great sports event for you! A race, but not just any race!

On your marks! Ready! Go! As the race sets off will you be amongst the runners? A fast’n’furious run across the legendary bridge that floats high above Millau and the magnificent Tarn valley. It’s 31 May 2021 and a host of amateur and experienced sportsmen and women are off for 23.7 km of pure joy. In just a few short years, the original and quite extraordinary Eiffage race has become truly legendary. The sense of freedom that overwhelms you, the feeling of flying higher than the sky. After all, racing at a height of 270 metres is hardly an everyday event!


Don’t fancy running it yourself? Then don’t hesitate to come and join all those in town for the event! Throughout the weekend, Millau and its local population will make sure you experience 2 exceptional days! This is something you really should see! On-site, come and enjoy the concerts and music, the markets and shows and there’s even a play area for the children. Don’t delay, we’re ready and waiting for you!




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