Horizons Sancy Festival in the Auvergne

Did you know? There’s a really surprising event being held near your campsite. Its name? The Horizons festival in Sancy. Curious to find out more? Come this way, and we’ll tell you all we know.

Staying in the area? Then you’ll certainly want to discover all about the Horizons Sancy festival, so here we go! Created in 2007, the Horizons “Arts Nature” festival in the Puy de Dôme is a contemporary art event in the very heart of the Massif de Sancy. XXL size art installations, woven into the region’s varied landscapes, offer an original décor that’s out of this world. Each of the selected artists lets their imagination run free, designing works that are as varied as they are diverse, magnifying or completing the scenery that surrounds them. So come and take an enchanting moment out of time with these fabulous works of art, as they appear for a single summer before disappearing again without trace.


Who is it for? For everyone! For you, for all those who love hiking, for art-lovers and nature-lovers, and the simply curious... Each year the festival attracts some 220,000 people, so come and join us! And you can even enjoy this event completely free of charge, how’s that for amazing! So lace up your walking shoes and head out along the footpaths, there might just be a fabulous surprise for you at the end of the trail. To find out, make it a date from 13 June to 20 September 2020.





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