Anjou Festival

Set off with your family to the famous Festival of Anjou! You'll find a whole world of classic and contemporary pieces presented by all kinds of professional and amateur theatre groups!

Book your tickets for Anjou Festival! Organised by the EPCC Anjou Théâtre, this event is one of the longest-running French theatre festivals. This event in north-western France draws around 300 amateur and professional theatre groups every year in June, to provide you with a magical experience.


Both classic and contemporary pieces are staged for you in various historic locations within the department, mainly at Château du Plessis-Massé in Longuenée-en-Anjou. For the past few years, various entertainment has been held here, including group competitions, meeting artists after shows and special family days. So bring your nearest-and-dearest along and share some unique and unforgettable times together!


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