Camping Saint-Dizier

Saint Dizier provides the perfect setting for outdoor holidays that everyone will love!
For a really uncomplicated and charming holiday, why not book your camping holiday in Saint Dizier straight away!

Holidays in camping Saint Dizier

Just a few kilometres from Lake Der, you'll have an activity-packed camping holiday in Saint Dizier! Lake Der is Europe's largest man-made lake, with an area of 48 km². Right in the heart of Champagne Ardenne, it is listed as a special area due to its major ornithological importance.

The varied and abundant flora and fauna you find here are great attractions for hikers and walkers. You can also get around this magnificent location by bike, with all sorts of cycle paths leading to the lake and providing a great opportunity to explore the region.

As has been the case in a great many old villages, churches and chapels have been built through the ages. Saint Dizier, with five churches, three chapels and a temple, has an important historical heritage. Come and discover these buildings with their intricate architecture during your camping holiday in Saint Dizier.

Stroll up and down the streets of la Noue with its pretty paths and alleyways, known here as voyottes. The old medieval castle is now the sub prefecture. Come and have a look around the municipal museum and the Musée du Souvenir Français to find out about the history of the town and its surrounding area.