Camping Mesland

The ideal departure point for visiting the châteaux of the Loire, Mesland’s green setting is perfect for outdoor holidays. The Châteaux of the Val de Loire, which are famous throughout the world, draw huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. Mesland is the perfect place from which to visit them, whilst enjoying the charming setting in which it is located.

Holidays in camping Mesland

The little village of Mesland, with hillsides and terraces beside its rivers and streams, makes for a really delightful setting, from which you can enjoy views of the region's lakes and fields. During your camping holiday in Mesland, you can enjoy a restful, peaceful and calm time in Loir-et-Cher, far from the hubbub of the major towns. A perfect place to come and recharge those batteries!

During your camping holiday in Mesland, there are some fantastic viewpoints to enjoy during your hikes, with amazing views over the Besnerie valley after a hike lasting a few hours.

Camping Mesland

And you really shouldn't leave without first having packed a few bottles of the local wine in your suitcase. The Touraine wine produced here is highly prized. These are distinctive and rustic wines, which you can enjoy during your meals on your camping holiday in Mesland. Come and try a spot of camping in Mesland, where you can enjoy some wonderful fresh air during a re-energising or a relaxing holiday!