Camping Upie zoo

Upie zoo is a one-of-a-kind zoo, in that it is devoted purely to birds; a visit that people of all ages will just love!

Birds of prey, parrots, exotic birds and plenty more! All birds come together in one place here at Upie zoo. In a 6 hectare botanical garden featuring an educational trail, birds live in semi-freedom right before your eyes. In all there are more than a thousand birds here, with 200 different species from every continent.


As well as being a zoo, the Jardin aux Oiseaux is a genuine sanctuary, where different wild birds stop off. So maybe you'll be fortunate enough to see grey herons or egrets! In summer, various shows are staged by the park teams, which people of all ages just love!


Zoo d'Upie
1795, route de Montoison
26120 Upie

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