Camping Empúries ruins in Spain

On the Costa Brava, it’s almost impossible not to get carried away when you first see the sumptuous Empúries ruins. In their idyllic setting, nature and history have worked together to create a masterpiece.

Camping holidays Empúries ruins

Right in the heart of the Catalonian province of Girona lie the ruins of Empúries, a famous archaeological site renowned for its history and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. A visit to this amazing site, built over 2,500 years ago by ancient Greece and Rome, has become a holiday ritual for many holidaymakers. To understand why just take a look around you, the incredible view over the Mediterranean and its beaches will take your breath away.


Camping Empúries ruins

No need to be an archaeologist to explore these walls, columns and narrow streets, or admire the many paintings and mosaics dating back to antiquity. In the summer you and the family can experience these ruins to their full as they are dramatically brought back to life by local actors. And if you want to find out more about the history of the period, the site’s archaeological museum displays many of its ceramics and sculptures. During your holiday, fall under the charms of ancient Greco-Roman culture.



17130, Girona, Spain

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