Camping Cordouan Lighthouse

On holiday in the Gironde? Then don’t pass up a chance to visit the majestic Cordouan Lighthouse. Whether with the family or with friends, you’ll be captivated by its fascinating history.

Focus on the Cordouan Lighthouse?

The Cordouan Lighthouse has been standing guard over the Gironde estuary for more than four centuries! Pretty impressive, no? Listed as a “historical monument” since 1862 and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2021, this is the oldest French lighthouse still in operation. With a height of 67.5 metres, you’ll need to climb no less than 311 steps to reach the top and be rewarded with its breathtaking panorama. A unique lighthouse that is certain to amaze!


What to see and do?

Why not start with a little visit of the lighthouse? Standing in the middle of the sea on a rocky plateau surrounded by sandbanks, the Cordouan Lighthouse can only be reached by boat. Its history and its architecture, both as grandiose as they are imposing, are waiting to take you on a journey. So on with the trainers and get ready for a stroll over the rocky foreshore of Cordouan. And not just to see the lighthouse, there’ll also be plenty of shellfish pickers to watch, busy foraging on the foreshore at low tide. A host of fun and authentic activities await you during your camping holiday!


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