Mazamet Footbridge, step into the void

In the heart of the Montagne Noire, the Mazamet Footbridge offers you the incredible sensation of stepping into the void as you enjoy an exceptional panoramic view. All this on the way to a Cathar village.

Focus on the Mazamet Footbridge

The Mazamet Footbridge is an aerial bridge between Mazamet and the medieval village of Hautpoul. 140 metres long and 120 cm wide and spanning the Gorges de l’Arnette 70 metres below, the metal structure is unique in the Occitanie region. Once you have climbed onto it, you will discover a breath-taking panoramic view including, in particular, the Montagne Noire, but also the town of Mazamet below.

However, the footbridge is not the end of the visit. In fact, you simply pass over it on the way to Hautpoul, a picturesque village that, according to legend, was created in 413 by a Visigoth king. One thing of which we are sure is that this stronghold provided the stage for battles between Catholics and Cathars. Over time, the inhabitants gradually abandoned the village and relocated to the Arnette Valley, which is how the town of Mazamet was created.

Today, Hautpoul has been given a new lease of life and wishes to showcase its past, its panoramic views and its historic remains. For example, a museum on art and customs in the Middle Ages has been created and many events are also organised during the summer months. The metal footbridge plays a big part in this renewal and has made it easier to access Hautpoul, especially for families, and provides an additional attraction along the way. Opened in December 2018, the "Himalayan" footbridge has already attracted over 300,000 visitors.

On the programme

As you can see, the Mazamet Footbridge is not an isolated attraction but is a stage on a walking route. You will have the choice between two different waymarked paths:

-          The garden path at Coumouls Houlès, which is a 30-minute walk.

-          The old Jamarié salt road, which is a 15-minute walk.

Both paths start at the Jamarié car park in Mazamet. If you opt for the garden path, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views and discover the Church of Saint-Sauveur. Both trails can be used by all levels of walkers. Don't forget to wear trainers or hiking shoes.


After crossing the footbridge, you will arrive in Hautpoul. Enjoy the view from the height of 300 metres. The narrow streets are also worth discovering. If you are visiting in the summer, during your stay at one of our campsites in the Tarn or the Aude, you may encounter an extremely unique character: Aymeric de Miraval. The village minstrel will be happy to tell you all the secrets of this Cathar stronghold.

On the way back, you can also pay a visit to another destination with a visit to Montagnès Lake. Located at an altitude of 680 metres, it is perfect if you want to cool down thanks to its leisure centre. Other activities are also available nearby, including an adventure park. For those of you who are serious walkers, you will be able to continue your workout on the 3 km-long fitness trail.

If you would rather follow the same route as when you arrived, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant stopover at the House of Wood and Toys. Located 500 metres from the footbridge, the visit retraces all the stages involved in making a wooden toy.

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