Camping Lascaux Cave

A 17,000 year journey back in time awaits you at Lascaux! Come and see the exact replicas of the Lascaux Caves. You won't be disappointed!

Though the original cave at Lascaux is closed to the public so as to ensure the preservation of works created by prehistoric man, you can visit 'Lascaux 2' and the  international centre of cave paintings, also known as 'Lascaux 4', which first opened in 2016. Everything has been perfectly reconstituted so that you can admire the works of arts, the engravings and the paintings of animals on the cave walls. Come and discover what Cro-Magnon man did with his hands: it’s not for nothing that the Lascaux Cave are the most visited decorated caves in the world!


Take advantage of your visit to the Lascaux Caves to discover an important era in the history of our world: admiring these wall paintings is always an unforgettable and moving moment. You can also visit the Thot Cave very nearby in the Vézère Valley. 


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