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Camping Palmyre Zoo

Do you know about one of Europe's most famous zoos? Does the name La Palmyre mean anything to you? Well then let us tell you a bit more.

Closeup on La Palmyre Zoo? A truly astonishing 18 hectare zoo awaits you here. Set up in 1966 in the heart of a pine forest, it was home to just 160 animals. Today, you can meet 1,600 mammals, birds and reptiles on a 4 km trail. A stroll lasting around 4 hours during which you and the family will encounter animals from all over the world!


On the program? A pleasant stroll acquainting yourself with all sorts of animals, of course. You'll see endangered species such as orang-utans, golden lion tamarins, Asian elephants and rhinoceroses. There are several animal areas to choose from: birds, apes, carnivores, hooved animals, sea mammals and reptiles. And if you're really lucky you may see their youngsters too, with between 200 and 300 little ones being born every year. Lots of adventures and excitement in store for you during your day out.

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