Camping Haribo Candy Museum

A visit to the Haribo Candy Museum in Uzès is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth! Come and discover the history and sample some delicious sweets!

Camping holidays Haribo Candy Museum

Are you on a camping holiday in the Gard? Then stop by at the Haribo Candy Museum for a moment of discovery and gourmet delights.

The history of sweets, the secrets behind the production, the machine room and interactive games for children all await you during your visit. The museum gives you the chance to learn about the brand and rediscover the flavours of your childhood.

Camping Haribo Candy Museum

Before you leave, take a moment to visit the boutique of the Haribo Candy Museum with its very wide selection of sweets. Strawberries Tagada, Chamallows, Dragibus, to name but a few. Your taste buds will be fizzing with joy!

A fun and gourmet visit in a brightly coloured setting. How can you resist? Come and visit the Haribo Candy Museum in Uzès


Musée du bonbon Haribo
Pont des Charrettes, 30700 Uzès

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