Camping Courant d’Huchet nature reserve

The Courant d’Huchet nature reserve is the last opening on the Atlantic coast that remains untouched by man… Dunes, marshes, river and ocean come together...

Camping Courant d’Huchet nature reserve

A listed site because of the diversity of its botanical species, the Courant d'Huchet nature reserve is a fantastic getaway. Climb aboard for the descent of this current that joins Léon lake to the ocean, known as the “Amazon of Lande”. See nature in all its abundant glory: yellow water lilies, bald cypress, birds, deer and tropical plants! Enjoy a beautiful afternoon of adventure and discovery...


Réserve Naturelle Nationale du Courant d'Huchet
374 rue des berges du lac 
40550 Léon


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