Ardèche Museum in Balazuc

Fascinated by palaeontology? Intrigued by ancient fossils? Wait no longer and discover the Ardèche Museum during your camping holiday with Yelloh! Village.

Camping holidays Ardèche Museum

If your holidays are usually synonymous with relaxation, sports and bathing... with Yelloh! Village, holidays are also an opportunity for exploration and discovery, but always with plenty of fun thrown in! And that is exactly what the Ardèche Museum in Baluzac offers, as it is welcomes you to the intriguing world of the fossil. So it’s time to jump aboard for an incredible journey through 550 million years of natural history, as you set off with the family to discover the mysteries of life!


Camping Ardèche Museum

The Ardèche Museum is a collection of over 600 authentic and perfectly preserved fossils: sharks, squid, crayfish and octopus, plus plants, insects, reptiles, mammals... There’s so much to discover! You can even enjoy some fabulous family activities with the digs, excavations, guided visits and archaeological walks... Perfect for the young and the not so young, the serious enthusiast and the simply curious. So come and immerse yourself in a world that is as enigmatic as it is incredible, the world of palaeontology!


La Croisette

07120 Balazuc

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