Pay the balance of my stay

Holiday getting closer? It is time to pay your balance.

Don't forget: your balance needs to be paid 30 days before arrival at the campsite, at the latest.

How did you book? On the website? On the phone to the central booking office? Directly with the Yelloh ! Village campsite?

If you booked on the phone or online, you will have received an Internet File Number automatically (for example: O20100505CAMUS1727374757) with the receipt for the booking. Keep it carefully - you will need it when you pay your balance.


Paying for your stay

There is a choice of payment methods:

1/ Online payment

Paying online is a simple and secure. On the Yelloh! Village site, you just need to access the section

Paying for your stay

1. Enter your Internet File reference and your name.

2. You will be sent to a summary of your booking and the balance remaining to be paid.

3. You can start the online payment.

Make sure you have your Internet File reference (for example: O20100505CAMUS1727374757) and your bank card number available before you start.

All payments on the Yelloh ! Village site are secure - we treat all the information you give us as completely confidential.

2/ Directly with the village

If you booked directly with a Yelloh ! Village, you need to pay the balance to the Yelloh ! Village concerned, unless you have been given an external file number, in which case, you can choose to pay online or with the central booking office.

3/ Other payment method:

  • A bank transfer: this is done directly through your bank, noting with the payment the file number and your name and the name of the village where you have booked.
  • Payment in three interest-free instalments: for some villages you can spread your payment over 3 monthly instalments (full payment to be made up to 30 days before arrival date).