Wheels and Waves Festival in Biarritz

A camping holiday to enjoy surfing, skateboarding and the roar of your engine, all in the same place! Where? At the Wheels and Waves festival, where else! Come with the family or with friends, everyone is always welcome! So let’s get going!

How about joining in the fun at the Wheels and Waves festival during your holiday in Biarritz? Wondering what the event is all about? Read on and discover all you ever wanted to know. Launched in 2008, the Wheels and Waves festival is an original event that brings together the very different worlds of surfing, skateboarding, music and... motorcycling. Go on, be honest, you didn’t expect that last one, did you? So now you know, this is the ideal spot for all you adrenaline junkies, those who love the roar of the rollers and the roar of a motorbike... Superb customised machines and professional surfers and skateboarders, performances guaranteed to give you a real thrill. And where can you find them? At the Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz.


On the programme for the event? Impossible to describe the well-filled days that await you in a few short lines. So we’ll just say that you can expect to experience 4 totally exceptional days. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors turn up to watch the concerts, exhibitions, surf competitions, hill-climbing races and rounds of flat track. Here, the ocean takes top billing. It brings everyone together for its magical sunsets, fabulous walks and amazing music. A convivial and authentic ambiance guaranteed. An exceptional setting for an extraordinary festival. Doesn't it just put you in the mood? So come with your motorbike, skateboard, surfboard and, above all, your holiday good humour, as you get ready to experience an unforgettable moment!


See you from 12 to 16 June 2024.



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