The Mediaeval Festival on 15th August in Bourdeaux

Take a journey back in time for a couple of days during the Mediaeval Festival on 15th August, in the pretty little village of Bourdeaux.

For the weekend of 15th August, the pretty little village of Bourdeaux sports its attire from the Middle Ages! You'll be able to stroll through the streets and see the exhibitions displaying works by local artists and craftsmen, before seeing the historic procession through the streets of the village. And if you feel a bit peckish you'll be well catered for too! Just sit down and get stuck into some mediaeval dishes!


And when the evening arrives, entertainment in Bourdeaux carries on: stop off at the night market and buy some of the great local produce, kick up your heels at a dance, featuring mediaeval serenade bands. The highlight of the weekend is sure to be the embrasement (blaze) of the old village, which is a show you certainly won't forget in a hurry!

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