The Lavender Parade in the Vaucluse

Come and discover the town of Valréas, in the Vaucluse, with its traditional festival: the Lavender Parade. Make the most of your camping stay and be a part of this festive event!

Fancy the idea of loads of fun and a great time while you're on holiday? Then the Lavender Parade will really get you going! Find out about the unusual but exciting things that'll be going on. Every year, the parade's theme is different, and gives the festival its own flavour. Various activities are therefore arranged, including shows, fairs, food and various entertainment, based around the chosen theme.


But that's not all! Don't miss the amazing procession! This is when the whole family can enjoy watching a dozen or so floats, decked with flowers and extravagantly decorated, passing by. And of course there's also the float of the "Reine du Corso" (Queen of the Parade), who is voted for on the Friday before the floats do their thing. So follow the procession and dance along with the band and the majorettes!


This event comprises no fewer than 5 days of festivities. But what are people actually celebrating? Well, you'll be familiar with the little violet-coloured flowers that smell of Provence? The ones that really do remind you of the South of France? Well the residents of Valréas celebrate lavender, the region's emblematic flower. Bouquets are also handed out by the local women who go by the title of Comtadine, dressed in their lovely costumes. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get one? To find out, head for the Lavender Parade!


For the 2023 event, which takes place from 5th to 6th August, the theme will be the regions of France.

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