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Camping Planète Sauvage

Come and experience a truly unforgettable campsite holiday right up close to the animals at Planète Sauvage zoo. You'll be in for some amazing and delightful experiences!

Camping holidays Planète Sauvage

Between Nantes and Pornic, bring your little entourage with you to Planète Sauvage zoo! Within its 80 hectares of protected nature, come and see the thousand or so animals living in this magical and amazing location. Here, you'll find no fewer than 5 trails awaiting you as a means of acquainting yourself with 150 different species, each more extraordinary than the last! Children and adults will also be able to enjoy some unique experiences, and thus make the most of total immersion in the animal kingdom: being a carer for the day, Raid 4x4, meeting the dolphins etc. Give your family the opportunity of a really timeless experience for the day!


Camping Planète Sauvage

Aboard your vehicle, travel along the 10km long Safari trail and set off to meet the wild animals, which include Malaysian tigers, cheetahs and elephants. Then follow the Brousse trail that'll take you straight to the island of Madagascar, in the village of Kirikou. Then you have the Inca trail leading to the South American section, home to alpacas, tapirs and Cuban flamingos. Fancy the idea of sharing some special times with the otters and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs? Take a stroll over the hanging bridge of the Jungle Temple! And the Cité Marine, meanwhile, is a chance to get up close to the majestic dolphins. So - are you ready for the adventure?


Planète Sauvage
La Chevalerie
44710 Port Saint Père