The areas at Yelloh! Village Sant Miquel on the Costa Brava

At Yelloh! Village Sant Miquel, the Mediterranean is showcased. Particularly its richness, proved by the various camping areas.  In any of the Pêcheur, Méditerranée, Les Oliviers and Plongée areas, bathe in the coastal atmosphere you like most.

"Les Oliviers" Area - Premium

This area spotlights the richness of the local flora. Indeed, Les Oliviers offers a 100% natural setting, where nature still takes pride of place. For accommodation, you will find modern cottages here with a very high level of comfort.

  • Accessibility: two car parks located on either side of the area
  • Rentals: the area offers 40 m2 modern cottages exclusively. Inside you will find 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 WCs, air-conditioning and a TV. You can also enjoy a semi-covered patio

Les Oliviers rentals

    Méditerranée Area - Premium

    The name, Méditerranée Area, is the epitome of its inspiration from the Mediterranean. The setting is ideal for leaving behind everyday life, with its vegetation typical of the region and accommodation marrying modern elegance with the natural. In addition, the accommodation offers premium services like guaranteed access to a pool.

    • Swimming: certain cottages have a private pool and others have access to a communal pool. As for some other cottages, they have a private spa
    • Accessibility: two car parks located on either side of the area
    • Rentals: The area offers three different types of premium cottage. One has 3 bedrooms, whilst the 2 others have two. However, all cottages have air-conditioning and WiFi connection. Not to mention the outside area with a patio, private garden and sun loungers

    Méditerranée rentals, 3 bedrooms  Méditerranée rentals, 2 bedrooms with spa
    Méditerranée rentals, 2 bedrooms with private pool  Méditerranée rentals, 2 bedrooms
    Méditerranée rentals, 1 bedroom with spa  Méditerranée rentals, 1 bedroom

      Fishermen Area

      Discover an area that pays homage to authentic fishermen’s quarters, typical of Mediterranean regions. With pine trees and decorated with traditional boats, you will enjoy cottages reminiscent of fishermen’s huts. A good way to dive into the history of the sea in a natural setting.

      • Activities: the area is just beside the archery range
      • Accessibility: the area has accommodation designed to provide the best facilities for the disabled
      • Animals: pets are accepted
      • Activities: on the western side you will find a restaurant and a children’s play area
      • Rentals: the area is composed of cottages with different layouts. However, the interiors have a Mediterranean theme and the exteriors are a reminder of the architecture of fishermen’s huts. Each cottage is at least 30 m2 with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 WC, air-conditioning and 1 TV. Also enjoy patios that are fully or partially covered

        Ponent rentals   Tramuntana rentals   PRM rentals

        Dive Area

        The Plongée Area pays homage to one of the neighbourhood's flagship activities. This is seen in the decoration with the various shades of blue and black. The colours you find in the depths of the sea.

        • Sports and activities: to the west of the area are the children’s clubs, a children’s playground and a diving kiosk
        • Services: on the western side of the area you will find the restaurant and a grocery shop
        • Rentals: Plongée Area offers cottages with an authentic feel. They have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 WCs, air-conditioning and 1 TV. Outside enjoy a semi-covered patio and a private garden