Get hands-on - with a bit of flour!

Come on, kids! During the holidays, you’re going to have your work cut out… and especially if you go to the unique Le Bout du Monde campsite! Its owners - Sandrine and Dominique - have thought up a really tasty workshop for youngsters who are up for a challenge.

Yelloh! Village campsites ALWAYS have the right ideas when it comes to surprising you. And it goes without saying that Le Bout du Monde is no exception to the rule! For several seasons, Sandrine and Dominique have been offering bread-making workshops for children.

Why should they make bread? Because there is no greater pleasure than biting into a golden crust and tasting its absolutely wonderful crumb…

Workshops that get it right!

This simple and authentic pleasure is something that you’ll want to experience more often. It gave them the idea of teaching children how to make cute, little loaves.

And, as they enjoy and have fun learning these skills, the little bakers are only too happy to get their hands into the dough!

While the bread is being prepared, everyone is laughing and asking all kinds of questions. But, after it’s been baked, they all stand back in amazement.

Holidays with a crunch!

Salt, water, flour and yeast – it’s all children need to make themselves some absolutely unique souvenirs. In small groups, guided by an organiser, they find out how to measure the ingredients, knead the dough and shape the little loaves.

But please note that the result will be far from conventional – everyone has to be creative and all shapes are allowed! And, of course, this is what the trainee bakers like best.

The only problem is that you have to avoid gobbling up your creation before you’ve shown it to your parents! And so we recommend that you go and see Le Bout du Monde, as something tells us that your children will be in for a treat – in all senses of the word…

Feedback from our budding bakers…

The campsite Le Bout du Monde awaits you here: