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Camping Touroparc Zoo

Zoos are always high on the list of destinations for visits by people of all ages, and Touroparc is no exception. You'll love its entertainment and animals!

12 hectares of lush nature, 700 animals belonging to 140 different species, all sorts of amusements for families and two museums focusing on forgotten professions of days gone by, and on mines and what lies underground. Touroparc Zoo means all this in a single package! People of all ages and the whole family will love their visit here!


On foot or on the little train which passes through the zoo, you'll be able to enjoy seeing all the park's animals. Birds, mammals and reptiles: the choice is yours! And you'll soon see that very careful attention has been paid to the wellbeing of all these animals. Touroparc Zoo is also an amusement park based on the theme of nature, with adventure tree-climbing, an outdoor aquatic area with waterslides, and more. Children just love it! 


400 Rue du Parc

71570 Romanèche-Thorins

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