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Dax Feria in the Landes

Every year, in the month of August, the town of Dax dresses in its traditional red and white and lives to the beat of the Feria. The thrill of the corrida, the parades and the music, the excitement and all the emotion of an unmissable event.

The costume is simple, all white with a red neckerchief, and suddenly you are really part of the Feria, a summer tradition in the town of Dax. Five days of spectacle, corridas, shows, bodegas and festivities. Admire the bands and parades in traditional costume, the bull-running in the streets or try your hand at the Basque game of pelota. Whatever your taste there's something for everyone and a moment of pure joy with friends or family. 


Don’t miss the last day, one of the high spots of the event, and its concluding festivities in the town's bullring. The bandas, the traditional bands, are all present for their final au revoir. After a concert of popular tunes they bring the event to a close with the Agur Jaunak. A moment rich in emotion and tradition. 



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