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Fêtes de Bayonne

Every summer, Bayonne holds a festival that is steeped in tradition. The Fêtes de Bayonne celebrate the city's culture and you are invited to come and enjoy the party and good times, dressed in red and white!

A campsite stay for the Fêtes de Bayonne

Coming to Bayonne means arriving in a place that is steeped in culture and traditions, and you'll be able to get a real taste of such local traditions during the Fêtes de Bayonne. With your friends or family, this is an unmissable event when you're on a camping holiday in Bayonne.

The event opens officially on the first day at 10 pm, at which time the keys to the city are symbolically thrown to the crowd by King Léon.

The next day he is joined by his 6 huge courtiers called "les Géants". These 6 giants are emblematic of Bayonne: la Gouvernante ensures the city's wellbeing, le Médecin provides good health, le Fou du Roi represents the emotional aspect, le Marechal symbolises public order, le Chocolatier reminds us off Bayonne's famously wonderful food and lastly comes the Favorite du Roi.

At midday every day from Thursday the famous Réveil du Roi Léon takes place, which signals the start of the day's festivities. And finally, on the last day, at the end of the evening there is the closing ceremony, following which the king leaves.

But the Fêtes de Bayonne also mean dancing, singing, fun and having a good time with your friends or family. People come here to celebrate in high spirits!


Camping Fêtes de Bayonne

There's very little you need to do in order to take part in this unique event! Just book your camping holidays in Bayonne with Yelloh! Village! Get yourself some white clothes and a red scarf and that's it, you're ready for 3 days of intense festivities focusing on Bayonne's customs!

In 2020, the Fêtes de Bayonne will be held from 29th July to 2nd August.



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