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Camping Parc Jurafaune

The Jura means a natural setting and special flora, but it also means birds of prey! Jurafaune is an opportunity to meet them with the family. So come and enjoy a truly unforgettable day!

In the fabulous natural setting of Baume-les-Messieurs and the Jura's familiar reculées (steephead valleys), the Parc Jurafaune is an opportunity to discover the delight and beauties of the region's wildlife. From the wild plants to the birds of prey, and including the flowers and their landscapes, you'll find out about everything! A discovery trail for people of all ages is also an opportunity to gradually discover this superb natural spectacle.


Children will be able to enjoy seeing these large birds during a show featuring birds of prey in flight. In specially fitted-out aviaries, there are more than 20 species of birds. If you require further information, just drop by the exhibition room at the park: you'll find out all about the plants, birds of prey and countryside of the Jura! 



Parc Jurafaune

Route de Crancot

39210 Granges-sur-Baume

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