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Camping Musée de la Préhistoire

For more than 100 years, the Musée de la Préhistoire Finistérienne, opposite the beach of la Torche, has been providing a view of this region's history from its own angle, dating back to the time of prehistoric man. Come and enjoy a journey half a million years back in time!

Camping holidays Musée de la Préhistoire Finistérienne

Created via a meeting between various enthusiasts, the Musée de la Préhistoire Finistérienne will enable you to find out all about aspects of life in Brittany, from half a million years ago until the early Middle Ages.


How long have the dolmens and menhirs been here? What were they for? How were they built? You'll find out about all sorts of secrets of prehistoric Brittany. You'll also find a reconstruction of some ancient tombs (with their skeletons), as well as a whole collection of arms from that era.


This is the perfect museum for children, and they'll be able to get involved in all sorts of workshops and re-enactments; something both little ones and adults can enjoy. From making and decorating pottery as they did in the Neolithic era, to recreating a bronze item or making your own musical instrument, you'll be finding out all about the different aspects of life for prehistoric man.


Throughout the summer, the museum provides guided tours (on foot or by bike) and workshops for finding out about dolmens, Gaulish headstones and menhirs. Some of these also take place at night, providing a truly magical and surreal atmosphere. 


Musée de la Préhistoire Finistérienne

657 Rue du Musée de la Préhistoire

29760 Penmarch

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