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Camping Mèze dinosaur museum

Come and visit the dinosaur museum at Mèze, with its reconstructions, excavations and displays, for a real journey back to the world of the dinosaurs!

Camping holidays Mèze dinosaur museum

Get ready for a journey back in time when you visit the dinosaur museum in Mèze! Here, in the heart of one of Europe's largest fossil deposits, you'll find out all about dinosaurs through life-size reconstructions, fun information panels for kids and displays of all sorts of different discoveries (including fossils, bones and dinosaur eggs).


Camping Mèze dinosaur museum

In the heart of nature, people of all ages will enjoy a fun and instructive time finding out about these prehistoric creatures. So come and visit this museum straight away during your next stay here! You'll find out all about Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Spinosaurus during your visit! 




Musée – Parc des Dinosaures
34140 MEZE

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