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Nimes Feria in the Gard

During the ferias, Nimes turns Spanish for several days of the year! Soak up the atmospheres of the corridas, bodegas and shows that are part of this traditional festival!

Over the Pentecost weekend, the city of Nimes is taken over by the Feria! The Pégoulade, a procession of chariots through the streets, opens the festivities on Thursday evening. For the next five days, you can come and enjoy all the events that'll be taking place here. Come and see a corrida, a concert, or how about visiting the bodegas, downing some sangria and enjoying lots of music after nightfall! With your family or your friends, you'll find just the thing you feel like!


The city of Nimes is also home to the Féria des Vendanges during September. Like Nimes Feria, there'll be all sorts of entertainment at this event. There'll be shows for the kids, processions with a very Spanish flavour, bull runs in the streets and festive evenings. So come and discover the Feria when you come camping in the Gard, a tradition that's a fundamental part of the city's history!


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