Béziers Feria in the Hérault

The Béziers Feria is one of the high points of the summer in Languedoc-Roussillon. A traditional celebration of "tauromachie", with music, bodegas and spectacle.

Just as they have every year for nearly 50 years, almost a million people take to the town’s streets for 5 days in August. A bullfighting tradition deeply anchored in the history of Béziers. Held in the town's bullring, the corridas remain central to the event, but the Feria is far more than that. It is a spectacle of music and dancing, fun and festivity, eating and drinking, with friends or all the family. 


Discover the exuberance of the floats as they parade to the strains of flamenco music, enjoy the many concerts and equestrian shows, all an essential part of the Feria. As evening falls, the music takes over and the bodegas fill with dancing and singing. Don the traditional white with a red neckerchief and enjoy an age-old tradition firmly rooted in the region and its people.


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