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Camping The wolves of Gévaudan

Looking for an activity to enjoy with all the family during your holiday in the Aveyron? We’ve found a fabulous one for you, a real must-visit: the wolves of Gévaudan. Discover this incredible park!

Focus on the Gévaudan Wolf Park? This is the largest wolf park in Europe, which is pretty impressive in itself! You’ll find it at Sainte-Lucie, lying at an altitude of over 1,000 metres, in the legendary lands of Gévaudan. Come and meet some hundred wolves from Mongolia, Poland, Canada and Siberia.


What to see and do? The park was created to improve the image of this often misunderstood wild animal. You’re going to adore getting to know them better. And the best way to do that is to enjoy a guided tour, take a walk along the trails with their many observation points, stop off to visit the museum... You can even take a trip through the natural setting of the viewing park, an excellent way to see them from close quarters. Prepare to enjoy a unique day out and live a remarkable experience during your camping holiday!

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