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Caamping Channel Islands

Lying just a few nautical miles off the Normandy coast, the Channel Islands really are a microcosm of Great Britain!

Though they are very close to France, visiting the Channel Islands means a new country, a new culture and new traditions, and setting sail for a truly exotic journey! These islands are home to a wonderful mix of ancient dolmens, old buildings, French street names, British culture and age-old traditions. It is even said that the island of Sark is home to the last-surviving feudal system in Western Europe!


These 5 islands all have their own identity: Jersey and Guernsey, the largest, are the perfect places for hiking enthusiasts and those who like seeing old fortified towns. Alderney, meanwhile, is a bit more wild. Finally, Sark and Herm will be a great hit with people who enjoy nature and authenticity. Motor vehicles aren't even allowed here! 

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