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Tautavel Museum of Prehistory

Prehistory has plenty more secrets in store for you! During your family holiday with Yelloh! Village, set off for a unique adventure in the footsteps of Tautavel Man!

Camping holidays next to Tautavel Museum of Prehistory

The discovery of Tautavel Man in France in 1971 by Professor de Lumley and his team turned out to be the start of a highly unusual project, which involved setting up a scientific and cultural centre intended to show visitors how prehistoric man lived in Europe, from their own era to ours. So, during your next camping holiday, will you be daring enough to step 450,000 years back in time with your family? You'll certainly be in for some great discoveries and amazing things!


Camping next to Museum of Prehistory of Tautavel

Children, parents, grandparents, whether you're interested in the prehistoric era or not, whether you know all about it or nothing about it at all, everyone will be captivated by this fascinating world. Here, you'll find no fewer than 21 rooms and 1,500m² of galleries tracing the history of Tautavel Man: life-size reconstructions, touch items, educational activities, real human bones etc. And as well as this, you'll also be a mere 3 km from the Caune de l’Arago, a cave which is also home to all sorts of prehistoric treasures. So surely you'll come and have a look, won't you?



Musée de Préhistoire

Avenue Léon-Jean Grégory

66720 Tautavel

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