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Camping Les Ouvrages du Libron

Come and find out all about the Ouvrages du Libron in Vias, where the Canal du Midi meets the Libron River!

Camping holidays Les Ouvrages du Libron

During your next camping holiday, why not make the most of it by coming to see the Ouvrages du Libron in Vias! Built in 1858 to enable the Canal du Midi and the little Libron River to cross one another, this technical achievement is an absolute must-see for all those who are fans of locks and of the famous Canal du Midi.


Here, you'll be able to enjoy seeing an impressive system of mobile aqueducts produced using sluice gates, tanks and iron reinforcements. This system allows the water of the Libron to cross the Canal du Midi in two sections, going above it when it is in spate without hindering shipping.


Les Ouvrages du Libron
34450 Vias 


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