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Camping Havre de la Vanlée in Normandy

A true wonder of nature. Come and let Havre de la Vanlée unveil its secrets to you during your holiday on the shores of the English Channel.

Camping holidays Havre de la Vanlée

When you come to Bricqueville-sur-Mer you will be able to discover Havre de la Vanlée. It is a protected site of incomparable beauty with a submersible access road that is completely subject to the whims of the tides. Nature reclaimed control here a long time ago to offer us a highly exceptional experience: during particularly high tides, you will see the sea completely cover this immense ’tongue’ of sand. A unique and magical moment to share with your family or friends.


Camping Havre de la Vanlée

At low tide you can see meadows, sand dunes, sheep, rabbits and birds as you wander through this place where time stands still. Here, where the land meets the sea, you can discover the charms of the northernmost part of this corner: the end of the world. At high tide, kite surfers take over Havre de la Vanlée. A spectacular area for board sports and a chance for watchers-on to catch a magnificent show.


Havre de la Vanlée

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