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Camping Château of Chevreaux

Between Bresse and Revermont, this lovely mediaeval château, which was destroyed during the 17th century, is now undergoing restoration. Why not pay it a visit!

From the heights of its rocky plinth, the Château of Chevreaux looks out over the entire plain of Bresse. Built during the 12th century and destroyed a few hundred years later during a war, this château is now being restored. You can come and see its towers and its bailey, or just enjoy a picnic while you contemplate the amazing views before you!


And if you feel like it, you can also get involved in its restoration! Volunteer projects take place on a regular basis, where you'll come across other amateurs and enthusiasts, while finding out about the practices and knowledge of the people here in days gone by, from stone carving to lime wash masonry. 




11, rue du Château

39 190 Chevreaux

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