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Camping Badoca Park

You already know Badoca Park in Portugal? No? In that case now’s the time to discover everything this fabulous destination has to offer. So without more ado, let us share all its secrets... or almost.

Focus on Badoca Park! Set in Vila Nova de Santo André, the whole family will adore this unique safari theme park. With its 90 hectares of greenery, come and discover some 500 wild animals as you observe the 45 different species living in semi-freedom. And not only can you get close to them, but you’ll even be able to touch them.Amazing! So don’t forget your camera, to capture all those unforgettable moments.


What to see and do? You’ll be in direct contact with nature and animal life as you explore the park’s various attractions. Take a stroll across the island of Madagascar to meet the lemurs, watch the chimpanzees and baboons on the large islands that are home to the great apes, wander through the tropical forest and have fun as you try African Rafting... You can also live a true safari adventure, a surprising journey through nature to really get to know the wild animals. Finally, enjoy a close encounter with the birds of prey during their free-flying display. And with plenty more surprises in store for all the family, this is a fabulous visit you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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