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Camping Anjou

Located at the point at which Brittany, Maine, Touraine and Poitou meet, Anjou is a region with a rich history and culture.

Holidays in camping Anjou
Well known as a prestigious winemaking region, Anjou enjoys a climate that is well suited to growing grapes. And besides its climate, one of the special features of this region lies in its soil and rocks, made of tuffeau, a porous stone out of which homes, cellars and mushroom growing locations used for harvesting champignons de Paris are made. You can visit these throughout the year. But Anjou is also a blue-blooded region in which Renaissance châteaux and other buildings have been built around the Loire. This means visiting the Loire châteaux is an unmissable highlight when camping in Anjou. Here are a few tips for where to go:
Château de Brissac, known as the giant of the Loire valley; Château de Plessis-Bourré, built over the water; Château d’Angers, Anjou's biggest town; and the splendid Château de Saumur, all of which bear testament to the region's rich and glorious past.


Camping Anjou
Enjoying a camping holiday in Anjou means enjoying the countryside, the huge forests and lush meadows. So hop on your bike and cycle along the miles of cycle paths that have been installed beside the Loire, and experience a reinvigorating outing that's full of discoveries! And in June, there is the Fête du Vélo (bike festival) in which around 20,000 cyclists arrive to wind their way down the miles of specially-reserved paths. People who enjoy old things, meanwhile, will love the vintage bike festival in Saumur!
Finally, your camping holiday in Anjou will be a magical experience if you go to the Montgolfiades de Brissac. You and your children will be astounded by the sight of hundreds of hot air balloons taking off together.

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