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Nuit du Petit Saint Jean in the Vaucluse

Since 1504, every 23rd June the town of Valréas celebrates the Petit Saint Jean. This is a wonderful tradition that you really shouldn't miss during your camping holiday. Come and find out what awaits you here!

Valréas is a little town in the Vaucluse that has managed to hold onto its tradition and pass it down the generations. The Nuit du Petit Saint Jean has retained an important position for more than 500 years in the hearts of the inhabitants! So come and experience this ceremony that's steeped in history and legend with the people who live here!


Custom dictates that a boy aged 3 to 5 years old is voted king for a year. He takes the role of John the Baptist and protects the town for a year. The ceremony takes place in the courtyard of Château de Simiane. The preceding year's Petit Saint Jean gives his blessing and his cross to his replacement. When the coronation is done, the little king leads a procession of some 400 people in period costume through the main streets. The town is turned into a huge theatre, which makes for an amazing experience!


The event comes to an end with the Apotheosis. Back at the château, everyone takes their place around Petit Saint Jean, and it's time for the final scene! But we're not about to spoil it all for you! Bring your family or friends along and enjoy this lovely final scene. Meet us here on 23rd June 2019!


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