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International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire in Loir-et-Cher

Beauty, elegance, poetry and romance. Welcome to the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire. Artists from the world over create sumptuous gardens for you to admire.

Your stay in Loir-et-Cher will bring all your senses alive! You can come and enjoy the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire over a period of six months. A painting of exquisite beauty in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This event has been inventing new ways of seeing and experiencing gardens since 1992. A true gold mine and source of talent, it adds a dynamic touch to the art of gardens by highlighting innovative and original approaches. A guided tour is possible for those who want to gain a better understanding of the work in progress. You will be completely enchanted by the vast array of wonders. Come along with your family or friends and admire the sumptuous flower beds; you will become intoxicated by the multitude of heady aromas.


Artists from all four corners of the globe, magnificent plants and flowers guarantee a breathtaking display. Landscape gardeners, architects and gardeners give free rein to their imagination so that you can discover the very many coloured architectural creations on 20 plots of around 210 m². Each edition has a different theme. Which theme has been selected this year? We are keeping that up our sleeve. You’ll have to guess it when you turn up to visit. Have we aroused your curiosity?


So make it a date from April to November 2021.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of the countryside

Live life to its full!


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