FMM World Music Festival

An event that you really shouldn’t miss during your holiday? Oh yes, there’s certainly one: the FMM World Music Festival. Portugal’s largest “World Music” event, no less!

Every year, at the end of July, the town of Sines organises Portugal’s headline event when it comes to music: the FMM World Music Festival. Created in 1999 it took its inspiration from Vasco da Gama, Portugal’s great explorer of unknown lands, who was born in the town. The idea? To promote and encourage being open to the world, receptive to different cultures and ready to share the journey... The festival is a true adventure set near the most beautiful of the Atlantic coasts.


On the programme? Prepare to dance to African rhythms, move to the Cuban beat, enjoy the tablas and the guitars of the Iberian Peninsula, and listen to powerful voices from around the world... With music from all four corners of the planet you can take your pick from folk, jazz, reggae or Latino, alternative or urban music... And all that in the heart of the Sines castle, an exceptional venue for an exceptional festival! Exhibitions, fireworks, a chance to meet some unforgettable people, glorious sunsets, wonderful music, a convivial and festive atmosphere... What more could you ask for! From youngest to oldest you’re going to love this unmissable festival in Portugal! “Dança!”


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