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The Fiesta de Sant Jordi in Catalonia

Discover the Festival of Sant Jordi, a memorable day steeped in romance and culture. This is one camping holiday you’re really going to love!

Come and discover a very Catalan version of Saint George’s Day: a particularly popular and unique local festival! Love and romance fill the air each year on 23 April in honour of Sant Jordi who, according to legend, saved the King’s daughter from a fearsome dragon. Since that time a rose bush is said to have flowered every year in memory of the gallant knight.


The heart of every town beats to a festive rhythm in celebration of the patron saint of Catalonia! Rose-sellers, book-stalls and writers take over the streets of the town centre. Why? Because tradition has it that each man should offer a rose to his lady, who responds with the gift of a book. A fabulous way to show your love for that very special person, but not only... This unique “Valentine’s day” also extends to family and friends... making it the perfect excuse to show how much you appreciate all those around you!


This wonderful mix of culture and romanticism also provides the Catalans with an ideal opportunity to support their language and traditions. Since 1995, UNESCO has even renamed the day “World Book and Copyright Day”. So whether it’s with the family, with friends or just the two of you, come and fall under the charm of the unique atmosphere and heady scent of this headline event!


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