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The Fête des Bruyères in Brittany

This is Brittany at its best mixing tradition, fun and celebration, so don’t wait to discover the Fête des Bruyères during your camping holiday. An event to experience without moderation, with the family or with friends!

Do you know the origins of the Fête des Bruyères? It all began back in 1960, when the town of Beuzec-Cap-Sizun decided to organise a local fête to raise money. The fête became an annual event and, little by little, horses and riders, musicians from the local bagadoù playing Breton bagpipes and other Celtic music groups came to join the festivities. With its strong heritage, this little fête grew up to become the “Fête des Bruyères” and an unmissable event in the Finistère!


Its success is no doubt down to its famous pageant! The elegant riders on horseback at the head of the parade are followed by 16 horse-drawn carts carrying the recently married couples that make up the famous Breton wedding. Against a background of traditional music, these proud representatives of Breton culture are accompanied by a procession of folk groups, each more talented that the other.


And in terms of festivity, the Fête des Bruyères has everything you could wish for to entertain all ages: from the mass sung in Breton to Celtic dancing, concerts and plenty to eat... Without forgetting the incredible show that brings the day to a musical end. An unforgettable ambiance guaranteed! So if you are lucky enough to be staying in the Finistère on the second Sunday in August, come and enjoy a fabulous celebration of Brittany!


In 2019, the Fête des Bruyères will be held on 11 August.




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